EOlife ®

Improves the manual
ventilation up to 70 %1.

EOlife ®​

Monitor for manual ventilation

Archeon has developed EOlife®, a system that measures, displays and documents the essential ventilation parameters of manual ventilation. The user receives feedback on the quality of the patient’s manual ventilation in real time. This allows the user to correct possible errors directly.

EOlife® is a reliable, accurate and easy to use device. It was designed specifically for the requirements and needs in emergency medicine.

5 %

Survival rate of cardiac arrest

80 %

Rate of hyperventilation during CPR

17 M

Number of victims each year worldwide


x 10

Hyperventilation erase division

80 %

Improves the efficiency of manual ventilation

70 %

for identifying leak or insufflation issues


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1 Aufderheide TP and Lurie KG. Death by hyperventilation: A common and life-threatening problem during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Critical Care Medicine, vol. 32, supplement 9, pp. S345–S351, 2004