BeneFusion eSP

One Device – simple and safe

The BeneFusion e-Series syringe pump offers a wide range of applications with its all-in-one design and increases the efficiency and safety of medication dosing. The full-size touchscreen and intuitive user interface guarantee an advanced user experience and precision. The syringe pump is DIN-EN 1789 approved and has a mount for use in the emergency care.

Intelligent Operation,
safe Medication

The BeneFusion eSP is characterized by a colour touchscreen in partial format as well as an intuitive user interface.


Intuitive User Interface

80% of the settings can be adjusted on the main interface

High quality material

Authorisation of 49 different disinfectants

Geared towards safety



Switch on – 2 s

Syringe loading – 4 s

First drop supply – 3 s

Precise and consistent performance

  • Accuracy: ≤± 1,8%
  • Flow rate with a precision of 0.01 ml/h
  • Compatible syringes with volumes from 1 ml



Reduction of medication errors

  • Limits and colours for different medications
  • Search function for medications
  • Clear and visible alarm messages

safety Management


Colour coding system

  • Colour coding for medication names for easier selection and verification
  • SafeDose Info-Software enables automatic programming for infusion parameters

Vehicle mount for the rescue service

  • EN DIN 1789 approved
  • Stackable
  • Removable stamp protection
  • Mounting on standard rail, wall and tripod possible
  • Additional device protection

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EG Declaration of Conformity