About us

AXNAR is focused and specialized in the procurement and distribution of high quality, innovative products in the areas of:

Emergency Medicine | IVD (Invitro Diagnostics) | Personal Protective Equipment.

In addition, we offer individual consulting services with our network to generate customized solutions in the field of preclinical emergency medicine. Our goal is to develop and market technically innovative products together with our distribution partners to the benefit of our customers, users and their patients.

What makes us different ?

Medical technology is a very specialized field with strict regulations. The field of emergency medicine is even more sensitive and specific. In addition to the highest demands on technology, years of trust and understanding on an equal footing are at the forefront of our consulting services. Because our customers cannot decide under which circumstances you save human lives.

We not only have theoretical, technical and business knowledge in this area, but also a deep understanding of medical technology through our practical experience in rescue services. This combination enables us to view and evaluate products and services holistically.

Our experience from decades of global activity with market-leading companies in emergency medicine, together with a national and worldwide network, enables us to find the optimal approaches to clarify your individual challenges and issues.


Our goal is to develop and market the most technically innovative products together with our sales partners so that our customers, users and their patients can receive the full benefits from them.


The core of our activity is the market sector of preclinical emergency medicine, including all the complexities, surprises and quirks that confront our customers on a daily basis.


We started by helping to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our global network of manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to maintain the supply of currently rare medical devices to our customers.



Axel Baumeister and Gunnar Zimmermann, the managing directors of AXNAR GmbH, together with their team, have decades of experience in emergency medical technology markets.

Thanks to their work in management positions at global market leaders such as WEINMANN Emergency, Ortus Technology Ltd. UK, GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH (corpuls), ZOLL Medical and Hamilton Medical, they have a worldwide network of distributors, manufacturers, end users and opinion leaders in the field of emergency medicine.

This foundation provides ideal conditions for the distribution of highly relevant medical devices and services. With the combination of management and special industry knowledge from medical technology, the founders and the entire team of AXNAR GmbH want to provide users, companies and organizations with high-quality products and services.

Axel Baumeister

Managing director

Gunnar Zimmermann

Managing director